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Bartenders Needed. Call Now !!! Start Working ASAP.

​Contact us Now! at 516-605-0233

Our Reliable and Professional staff will help you every step of the way.

We have been providing our services for more than 15 years in the New York Market. When Member Bars need Quality Bartenders, they call us first, and why? Because, at no cost, we send them professional bartenders for hire.

Bartender's International is an association for bartenders. We have been helping our members for years find employment as bartenders, either in temporary work, with one of many catering companies, or permanent work with one of our associated pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, cafes and many other establishments.

People who join our association are able to receive many benefits. We have establishments that have been using our services for years to obtain their bartenders. 

We have relationships with some of the New York's largest Catering companies; we also deal with Night clubs, Local bars, Restaurants, Country Clubs, Sports bars and Gentlemen's clubs.

All of our bartenders who join our association are thoroughly tested behind an actual bar, to gage their talents and get them to the bar that is best for them. We strive to match the right bartender with the right establishment based on abilities and compatibilities.

​There is a one time Membership fee of $199.00 to join. Members will make their investment back the first night they work. Whether you have bartended before or not, Bartender’s International can help you in this fun and energetic career.